Bitcoin at Quatro Casino Has its No Deposit Bonus Rewards

Bitcoin has exploded on the online market forever changing how some things are done when using money over the internet. That's not new news. Bitcoin has been well known for a few years now. What is new, is there's a place to gamble online that is not only fair, safe and reliable but also allows the use of Bitcoin and rewards players specifically for doing so. It's name is Quatro Casino and Bitcoin is welcomed with open arms.

Quatro Casino Bitcoin eligible welcome bonus

As was stated earlier, this casino will take Bitcoin on deposits and give out a hefty welcome bonus that is as good as you can find at the best Canadian mobile casinos. Indeed players are able to earn up to an amazing 700 free spins in Quatro Casino's welcome Bitcoin bonus.

Earning all those free spins is simple. You'll earn a different amount of free spins depending on your first Quatro Casino Bitcoin deposit. Players have four different levels they can qualify for. Depending on the level you'll get the corresponding free spins each and every day for seven days as long as you simply login on each day.

Welcome bonus levels explained

The levels are pretty straight forward. The smallest level can be had by depositing $10 worth of Bitcoin on Quatro Casino. Doing so nabs you 10 free spins on day one and 10 more free spins each day for the next week when you login. That's 70 free spins for a $10 deposit.

The next level has a similar setup with the requirement being a $20 Quatro Casino deposit using Bitcoin. With the larger deposit comes a more generous daily free spin reward. The player will now get 20 free spins every day they login for the first seven days including the day the deposit is made. That doubles the total free spins possible to a new total of 140.

The third level is a little bigger of a jump but if you've got the Bitcoin, Quatro Casino has the additional free spins for you. This time the deposit required is $50. Once again, the free spins match the dollar amount meaning you'll be eligible to get 50 free spins for seven consecutive days for a grand total of 350 spins.

And now for the fourth and final level. This time Quatro Casino requires Bitcoin in the amount of $100. If you deposit that much you'll get the 700 free spins maximum for the welcome bonus. Like with the other levels, it is awarded in seven equal increments over the next week. That's 100 free spins a day just for signing in.

There's more to the bonus than just free spins

Most casino's simply offer a match on the amount of a player's first deposit. The amount deposited is matched to a certain percentage with a maximum matched amount set as well.

Not to be left out of the traditional welcome bonus method, a deposit with Quatro Casino with Bitcoin also gets the new player a monetary match on the amount.

Players get a full 100 percent match on their first deposit up to $100. This means a new player who deposits $100 worth of Bitcoin with Quatro Casino will actually get $200 worth of money to use on the site along with 700 free spins.

Shouldn't be too hard to come out ahead given that large of a welcome bonus. However, the casino isn't done rewarding its players just yet. Quatro Casino Bitcoin users are also eligible for a no deposit bonus. We'll get more into the specifics of that reward later. There's one last part to the free spins given in the welcome bonus.

Seven days of rewards for seven different games

The seven days worth of free spins will guide you to playing a specific slot machine game. This is because the spins rewarded for making a Quatro Casino deposit with Bitcoin are for a specific slot machine game.

The game changes every day. The first day will take you to the wonderful game of Eternal Romance where the right spin will give you butterflies. Here's the full list for the seven days of free spins.

  1. Eternal Romance
  2. Avalon
  3. Reel Gems
  4. Casino Rewards Millionaires Club
  5. Golden Princess
  6. Mega Money Multiplier
  7. Forbidden Throne

Don't forget you've got to login in each day to claim your free spins. Missing a day is the same as losing money. The spins are free, the winnings are real.

The extra reward that comes at no cost

Now it's time to get back to that no deposit bonus that was mentioned earlier. Quatro Casino loves to reward it's players. A no deposit bonus is one of the ways a casino can reward players that is desired most by veteran players.

Why is it so desired? The name no deposit bonus says it all. A player doesn't have to make a deposit to qualify for the no deposit bonus. It's simply a free reward given to loyal players for continuing to play on Quatro Casino.

What separates this casino from the rest? Quatro Casino rewards Bitcoin users with specific no deposit bonuses. In fact, a player qualifies for their first Bitcoin no deposit bonus immediately upon making their first deposit. It may sound like a deposit bonus but it doesn't take the place of the welcome bonus and is just the first of what could be many free reward bonuses depending on how long you stick with Quatro Casino.

The longer you play, the more times you'll be rewarded a no deposit bonus. It's not always about the new player afterall. The loyal players who come back time and time again deserve recognition as well.

So there you have it. Quatro Casino is indeed a fine choice for players looking to try their luck with an online casino. Players get plenty of chances right off the bat with up to 700 free spins and it won't just be a short thrill either because those spins come over the course of a week. Have bad luck the first day and run out of money? Free spins will be there tomorrow to get you back on your feet.